I remember trying to think, only my mind was swimming in such a sea of erotic bliss that I was barely able to remember my own name , much less how to form words with sounds.

I don’t remember the exact moment where things turned sexual, but the night had definitely been leading that way all evening so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone, but like any organic situation we all just went with the vibes and soon enough the heated energy in the room was so apparent that it was obvious to both couples that the night had only just begun.

After a few hours of playing pool and having some laughs, we all ended up back at our house and were laying on our large couch, getting comfortable with the situation. The hard, deep kiss my lover spontaneously planted on me set the tone off and before long, I was kissing him, she was kissing me, it was fun and exciting and well things got going.

After a short time, there was a lull and his beautiful wife and my sexy love needed a smoke break. My mind racing to what could potentially be happening outside in the late nights chilly air sent my arousal off the charts and I felt my nipples harden. This didn’t go unnoticed and the next 10 minutes were a blur to me, but the next thing I remember, I was on my back, laying on my bed with my legs spread wide and a very sexy mans face between them.

After some amount of time, I managed to see glimpses of movement through my mostly closed eyes. It’s very difficult to see when you’re eyes are rolling to the back of your head, you know. I slowly opened them wide when I felt a light touch and looked up into my loves eyes. He leaned down and kissed me hard. In this moment I came hard, spilling over the face of the man kissing my other lips.

Slowoy my lover pulled away, taking my lip with him as far as it would go before it finally broke away. I watched as he stood a moment, pinched my nipples hard and then he pulled her close to him and kissed her hard. They began undressing rather quickly as they kissed and I felt her husband between my thighs with even more exuberance than before. I was in agony trying to enjoy having my pussy devoured and at the same time trying to watch them undress. It was divine torture.

A moment later, her georgous naked body was standing facing head with my love behind her. I looked up and again saw my lover looking down to me only this time he was guiding her to sit on my face. I felt her heavenly body cover my face and my tongue immediately began to lick and kiss her sweet, plump pussy. The taste of her made me crazy, the feel of her weight on me made me grateful I was already on my back for my knees were weak in bliss.

I felt her body shift slightly and then heard the familiar sounds. I almost lost it when I realized she had been bent over, squatting on all fours over me and the muffled sounds I heard were from her sucking my lovers cock with a sloppy, wet force that had him fully aroused and I immediately started cumming as she rode me and sucked him. Over and over I came and it never stopped for me from then but the night got even better.

I dont know how long we stayed like that, but I felt her come off me at some point and then our positions shifted slightly so my head was almost off the bed. Her very sexy husband grabbed my legs again, spread them wide and began to approach me. Before I even had time to adjust anything, my lover was positioning her to bend over the bed and me with her pussy right back over my achingly wanting mouth and her mouth was now by my clit. Her legs spread over my face, I knew tha that I was about to feel my love fucking her, while under her and getting fucked by her man and eating her sweet cunt.

She began flicking my ridiculously swollen clit as her man began to fuck me hard. A moment later I felt her pressing into me with a steady and consistent movement. From there it gets even better 😈😈😈😈