Queen, I’m here. May I enter?”

“If you are dressed as instructed you may but keep your eyes on the floor until I give you permission to look at me.”

“Yes Queen!” What is she up to? She’s never given me such a command before, especially not from the first moment. Oh god, I think the cage is going to be especially restrictive today!

Her heels click against the tile floor but I keep my eyes on the floor. I will be good for her. Eyes down, focus on my own professionally shined shoes. Her perfume, she’s wearing her special perfume that she only applies when we are going to go out to play! But my outfit is wrong, why would she want me in my power suit? The world should see that She is the one with the power. This can’t be right.

Her hand brushes against my shoulder as though brushing off lint. No, stop. Mistress is the boss, it doesn’t matter what I’m thinking, if she wants me dressed this way then I’ll wear it proudly for her.

“hmmmm, you do look dashing in this suit. I bet you command a lot of respect in the board room with this outfit.”

“Yes Queen.”

“Were they aware that your cock was locked up all day?”

“No my Queen.”

“I’m not surprised they didn’t suspect anything, even with the cage there isn’t much bulk.”

“I’m sorry my Queen.” Her fingers trace circles over my body, every light scrape of her nails is setting my nerves on fire. I want so desperately to see her but she stays just out of my vision.

“But your outfit is not complete. Go stand in front of the mirror.”

“My Queen, did I mess up? I thought I wore dressed exactly as you instructed! I’m sorry if I failed you.”


I want to check my appearance but Queen still has not told me to look up and what if I accidentally see her reflection? I won’t ruin whatever she has planned. I wonder what she wants to do. So many options, the anticipation, I’m already filling up the cage.

“This is the outfit that you use to show the world how large and in charge you are. But you are not in charge here are you?”

“No my Queen.” I feel as she places a hat on my head. A black visor enters my vision.

“With this no one would confuse you as someone powerful. Now your outfit is complete for the task I have for you. Look up and see who you really are.”

A chauffeur’s hat? “Do you see? One small accessory and perceived power is washed away. Now as your dressed as an inconsequential servant, I want you to drive me to the following address. And remember your role throughout this trip.”

“Yes my Queen.”

Of fuck, I can’t believe it! My cock hurts so much, I’m so turned on. “My Queen I believe we are here. The address seems to be the adult bookstore there. Let me just park the car and then I can get he door for you.”

“Hmmmmmm” She hasn’t said anything to since we left. The indifference she’s showing me, its so unusual. Its so unlike her, I wonder what I did wrong, what can I do to fix it. I want my Queen to smile at me like normal.

Running around the car to get to the door for her, I see that there are several cars in the lot. I hope there are others in the store.

“Hmmm, while we are inside I expect you to behave as a servant should. Do not embarrass me.”

“Yes my Queen.” I follow a few steps behind her as we enter the adult bookstore. Seeing all the erotic covers and the 5 customers browsing around has my blood pumping so hard I can hear my heartbeat. Queen walks around each aisle, gaining attention. A few of the gentlemen smirk at me then head to the back into the some of the booths. She sees this but doesn’t lead us to them instead, she goes to door in the back.

The room is strangely shaped, curved. There are 6 closed curtains, touching the floor, spaces between are filled with flails and whips. A long bench is centered in the room and a throne like chair is behind it.

“Draw all of the curtains.”

“Yes my Queen.” I rush to open all of the curtains and I see three of the men that had been in the store. The large windows are embedded into doors, marked as locked. There are holes in the doors at waist height and there is already a cock sticking through one of them.

“What are you waiting for? You know how a servant should behave.”

I feel my face flush as I drop to my knees in front of the offered cock. Its so much more than mine. As I hesitate, I look over and see the other two men reveal their cocks as they watch me. Oh god. I can’t help myself; I take this strange cock between my lips. Men taste so much different than my Queen, so much saltier.

If I was here with Ma’am instead of Queen, I can just imagine how she’d probably take one of the whips of the wall. She loves to discipline me to teach me the correct way to do things but Queen isn’t like that. I can just sense her eyes on me. A quick word and a look from her was all it took to have me slurping on this throbbing dick.

Oh god, I think he’s going to cum soon. “Remember to swallow it all. We wouldn’t want you ruining your pretty suit now.” He’s coating my tongue! I can’t believe it, I’m on my knees drinking a strange man’s cum! My cock hurts, I want to cum so badly.

“Now gentlemen, I’m inclined to invite you in but I have a few rules for you. I’m here to enjoy a show, you can only touch me if I have given you verbal permission to do so and his suit must remain pristine. Wrinkled is fine but I would hate to trouble the dry cleaner with ejaculate. Can you agree to that?”

“Sure thing lady.”

“Whatever floats your boat.”

“I’m in.”


“Ah fuck, I should have waited! Now I’m out for the count…guess I’ll just have to enjoy the show, maybe I’ll recover and be able to join the fun.”

5 responses. I didn’t even notice when 2 others entered their booths. 5 guys, can I handle that?

A low chuckle comes from my Queen. “You seem intimated my little servant. So I’ll let you unlock the doors, you may choose who enters this room with us. You must choose at least 2 of them.”

She told me not to embarrass her when we came here, I can’t just choose 2. “I’ll take on three of them for you my Queen.”

“Hmmmm” Again with the hmmmmm. Its ok just focus, pick three of them, she’ll enjoy the show, I’ll make sure of it.

“Oh and boys, see how long you can enjoy him while he’s wearing that suit of his. I want him picturing this every time he goes to put on his power suit from now on.”

chuckling “Oh she’s a cruel mistress, now take my fat cock deep in that whore mouth.” I’m on my knees as he grabs the back of my head and shoves his cock down my throat. When it was through the glory hole, I controlled the pace, but this guy is fucking my face. Its difficult to breathe, but I will make my Queen proud I won’t gag on this cock. “That’s it, ah fuck your throat feels so good. That’s it lick my balls while I choke you with my cock.”

“Do remember to let my servant breathe on occasion. Oh and good selection darling, I like the look of the other two. What do you gentlemen say to stripping down while you wait for this one to finish ravishing his throat?”

My Queen, liked my choices! I can’t help the moan that escapes around the cock in my mouth. He must have liked it because he is thrusting even harder now. Wait what’s that? Oh god, I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations but there’s a second cock leaking precum onto my face.

“Ha take it slut. Drink it all up… your mistress told you to keep your suit clean so I’ll help you out by … cumming deep in your throat…thats it…ah fuck yes.”

“My turn. Get my shaft nice a covered. You want it to go in easy yea? Lube my cock up then.”

He’s going fuck my ass! Ma’am enjoys pegging me but Queen has never shown any interest in my ass. A guy is going to fuck me and Queen is going to watch.

“That’s good enough I think. I don’t want to cum just yet. Go kneel on the bench so that we can put on a proper show for your woman.”

Standing up, I start to remove my cloths, “Leave your suit on, just drop your pants and briefs down to your knees. You don’t need to be naked to take it up the ass darling.” She’s smiling as she says this and my cock is fighting against its cage.

“Be a dear would you and properly prep him. I wouldn’t want him hurt from this experience.” At her request, the cock I felt rubbing against my asshole disappears. sigh I’m partially relieved and disappointed but I’m so happy my Queen cares for me. I’m so lucky to have her…Oh my god there’s a tongue in my ass! The guy is eating my ass like its his last meal, it feels so good.

“Oh he is an enthusiastic one isn’t he darling? Aren’t you lucky. Tell us how does it feel to have a man lick you so that you’re nice and ready to take his cock.”

“OOOOOOOOO, so good, thank you my Queen.”

Chuckling “Feeling good already? She has trained your sensitive ass hasn’t she. Go ahead, fill him with your cock and cum but go slowly until you bottom out. I want him to feel every inch of your impressive cock. Oh and mind the suit when you cum.”

I feel like I’m on the verge of being torn apart. His cock is so thick and he still hasn’t bottom out. Oh God! It feels so good, I’m going to loose my mind as my Queen watches. He’s in. His pelvis is pressed up against my ass, I can feel his balls on mine.

“That’s it. Good job darling you’ve taken a full cock into your ass. Now young man, feel free to proceed however you wish with him.”

It’s like she just waved a red flag in front a bull and now he’s charging. He is thrusting so hard into my ass. It feels amazing,”More please, fill me up your cock feels so good.”

“That’s it darling beg for what you want.”

“Fuck, fuck , fuck, his ass is so tight.”

“I can’t take just watching anymore, you can moan around my cock.” OOOO I forgot about the third guy. I’m being spit-roasted for my Queen’s visual pleasure. It feels so good. I’m drowning in pleasure.

“Ah shit, I’m gonna fill his ass. Cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming!”

“Thank fuck, his little mouth feels amazing but I want to fuck his ass too.”

“That was a hot show, be a dear and bring him over to me. For this last round, I want him cleaning my soaked pussy as a good servant should, while you’re buried deep in his ass.”

“Yes Ma’am, you’re a real wonder.”

“That I am but don’t call me Ma’am. Queen or Mistress will do.”

I feel like I’ve been through the ringer but my Queen wants me to pleasure her. There’s nothing I love more than tasting her sweet nectar. For her, I can last. For her I’ll make her cum even as a cock tries to distract me from my goal. I promised my Queen not to embarrass her, I can’t let her down.

“Um Mistress can you please pass me a tissue? He has cum dripping down his leg and I know you want to keep his suit pants clean…I’ll clean him up and then plug the leak.”

“Good sweet boy. Clean him up … aaaaaaah that’s it darling … then fuck him hard as you’ve waited so patiently. Oh and when you cum pause before you pull out.”

My Queen tastes like the sweetest dessert. If she would let me I’d drink her for every meal. But the young buck behind me is so energetic. Its difficult to give my Queen the pleasure she deserves as he thrusts into my ass.

“Yes, yes, yes, OOOOOOO your cum filled ass feels amazing! I’m going to blow my load OOOOOOOOOOO”

“Good boy, a little quick but were teased mercilessly beforehand weren’t you. Here take this plug and make sure that the cum in his ass won’t … aaaaa … leak out and ruin his suit on the drive home. mmmmmm yes darling that’s it, suck on my clit like that…”

As the large purple plug slips into my ass, my Queen cums all over my chin. “Now darling, I hope you realize I don’t have to whip you to control you. You belong to me. Its that simple. Remember that the next time you think about mentioning your aggressive, baby domme to me.”