Before Looking For Romantic Relationships

…I have worked on the platonic ones.

I was raised in a household with toxic mindsets that taught me versions of love that were inherently designed to hurt me, and be selfish. I was taught that all relationships were ‘give and take’. That all relationships came with ‘duty’ and ‘obligation’.

Then, I joined the community, where I realized that I needed to reparent myself. And oh boy, has that been a journey.

I started from scratch. I read about what love is, what love means to others, and what my love languages are. I learned about negotiations, relationship expectations, and the type of relationships. I learned about unconditional love, conditional love, and more.

I’m at a place where I realize that I am not ready for any kind of romantic relationship. Maybe a D/s one, but definitely not the romantic ones.

I’m still not secure in my knowledge of what family is, let alone friends. I’m learning what unconditional love means, and it’s a struggle.

All to say, before encroaching onto a romantic relationship, it would be essential to work on oneself and observe the platonic relationships you have beforehand. Why? Because those platonic relationships are very important as well. Don’t take those for granted.

Before starting a romantic relationship, work on the platonic ones.