Black Doms Rule…

I just finished reading the sexiest story ever written. My god! The dom was just…uhhhh. so strict. He didnt allow for any error. I mean in reality that is impossible as it should be but mmmmhhhmmm. I was wet and pulsing from start to finish. The book mainly revolved around spanking and roleplay. Spanking I have recieved. Well once…and it was by a super vanilla man but hey it was something. I’ve tried to spank myself, I even bought a crop(LOVE THAT TOY) but the major element of a dom/domme is missing. Dont get me wrong in the right mood I can cum from my crop alone but usually it’s just a warm up then silly vibrators get involved.
Sometimes i spank myself just to feel secretive before work. Then bind my thigh or stomach in rope. It prolongs it for me I guess. It’s so fun walking up and down the halls knowing I have a dirty secret hiding under my top. The book also had roleplaying. That I have never tried. I’m not a good actress so I dont think I’d be any good but it’s so interesting. I could be anyone I wanted! I could be cat woman who just got caught breaking into batman’s lair….ooooo or I could be the sultry minx who has overstepped her boundries with the neighbor. Or I could just be a naked girl running through the woods under the moon and stars. Wouldn’t be the first time .
It feels so good to be alive!