Today Daddy came by. He was taking me out to dinner as it was my birthday this week.

He came in, needed to the toilet as I grabbed Him.His beer. He needed to finish some work. I really wanted to please Him. I went behind Him and started to rub His dick. I unzipped His pants amd started to.jurk Him. He liked that. As His dick became harder, I went and front of Him in my knees and started to.suck His dick. He gave me a choice of where I wanted His cum. I wanted a facial. So I got back down on my knees and start sucking Him again. Then I put my hand around His dick and jurked Him.until He came on my face. It was everywhere. But so yummie.

We went out for dinner. I was so proud of walking and sitting next to Him. Im the one who has the privilage of being with Him. He made laugh like He always does. Thw things He says, He does funny sometimes. All I could think was kiss me.please.

After we got home He gave me a message. Which ended up in Him.fucking His slut. As I turned 34 (yeah yeah I know.Im.old hihi) He wanted cum 34.times. He fucks me.soooooooo good. Every.position He fuckes me I.cum..I cum so.many times. He feels it when I cum. Thats so hot. I want nothing more then to please.Him. We.fucked.for.almost an hour nonstop. But 34 times. Every cumming quicker,bigger and intenser.then the other one. Its good the

Wr.went and.lay down.on the cautch. Watching tv, looking through pics and chatting. I start stroking and sucking His long ass black dick again. I couldnt get enough of Him. I never get enough of Him. on top of He came. And yes I came.too. Even when a.little later.He

In 1 night I came 36.times…

Thank You Daddy.for.fucking Your.slet….