Clarence and I have a general rule. It’s not written in stone or anything, but he’s made it pretty clear. Anytime I’m in his home, I’m subservient to him first and then every other black man in his place.

It had never really come in to play in the time I’d known him until this incident. For the most part, Clarence is always there when I’m there so the idea of being under another man doesn’t come up. But that changed when Clarence asked me to come over to his house a few times while he was out of town.

He’d never asked that before and I know Clarence. He didn’t just want me to do a few chores around his house. Sex would be involved. I just didn’t know how. He gave me time frames that he wanted me to be at his place and a list of things that he wanted me to do. I’m not much for just doing housecleaning for a man just because he asks me to. I’m not a pushover. But Clarence didn’t ask this kind of thing of me often and like I said, I knew he was up to more than just me cleaning for him.

The first day, I spent about an hour over at his place in the early afternoon. Nothing happened outside of me doing some cleaning and watching some HBO. The second day though, there was a knock on the door. When I looked through the peephole, I got a surprise. It was a young guy that I’d been with one time during a gangbang named Lil T. Strictly speaking, he wasn’t part of the gangbang. He’d watched part of it though. Later, I took his virginity (the full story for that is in In Spades) and as far as I know, is that only guy I’ve done that with. Furthermore, he was an acquaintance of my daughter, although as far as I know, he didn’t know she and I were related and they hadn’t seen each other in years. I wasn’t positive, but I was pretty sure he was a second cousin of Clarence’s. If he was here though, it meant Clarence thought it was okay.

He was a little different since I’d last seen him. It had been awhile. He’d grown out his Afro even more and he’d put on a little more meat to his slender frame. But he still had this charming bright smile and his hands shoved deep into his hoodie pockets, like he was a little shy still.

I invited him in and gave him a hug. “You here to see Clarence?”

“I’m here to see you.” He sat down on the couch.

I wasn’t really dressed to impress. I was just in a simple dress I’d worn to clean in. I was barefoot and not wearing any makeup, but he was looking at me with that look. He wanted me. I tried to play casual, but I’d already gotten that tiny little ball of excitement in me. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” he got kind of a casual sly grin on his cute face. “I ran into Clarence awhile back and we got to talking. At one point, he showed me a picture and I busted up! I was like ‘Damn C, I got with her last year!’ And he asked me if I wanted to again. Here I am.”

I smiled at him. “Oh, I see. You just ordered me up from Clarence? You want a beer?” I walked into the kitchen when he nodded.

“Clarence told me what was up. Told me when to come over. When you’d be here. He said you s’pose to do what I tell you to.”

I came back into the living room and handed him his beer. When I looked down, he was pulling his dick out of his jeans and it was already rock hard. His hand was wrapped around the base and he started pulling on it lightly. I gulped.

He grinned up at me and said, “So, what you say? Wanna taste?”

I still felt a little weird about him being so young. He couldn’t be more than 19. But he had a beautiful cock and I hadn’t had sex in a week or longer. There was also Clarence’s rule to consider. I was supposed to do anything a man under Clarence’s roof asked me to.

I pushed the coffee table back, got on my knees, grabbed the base of his cock and went to town on his shaft. He was maybe seven inches and so hard that I couldn’t get more than about halfway down on him before his head was jabbing me in the top of my throat.

But he didn’t last long anyway. I started tasting pre-cum really quickly. He pushed me off and said, “Hold up, I don’t wanna bust my nut too fast.” While he pulled out a condom, I started feeling bad at how unprepared I looked and felt. I had no makeup on, I was dressed for cleaning house. I was twice his age. The only reason I wasn’t having a serious confidence crisis was that he was so hard I thought he’d just explode right there on the spot.

Lil T was in a hurry. He had me stand and face the couch while he got behind me. He hiked up my dress and said, “Bend over. Nice. No underwear.”

“Clarence doesn’t want me wearing underwear while I’m here unless he tells me to.”

“Works for me.” He pushed his condom covered cock between my legs, but I was still so dry on the outside that nothing happened. He just stopped.

“Sorry. This is all a little sudden.” I spit on my hand and rubbed my lips a little and then turned around and spit on his cock. He tried again and this time managed to get into me. There wasn’t much subtlety to his fucking. He just pounded into me, hard. Thankfully, his cock was a wonderful size and shape and I’d already been pretty horny. I lubed up enough that I started getting into it after a few minutes.

We changed up so that I was sitting on the couch with my ass right at the edge. He pulled off his big t-shirt and took his pants all the way off. I pulled my dress off over my head and threw it to the floor. He lifted my legs from under my knees and slid back into me. Now I was really getting into it and he really seemed to get off on the noises I was making.

After the blow job, I figured he would cum fast, but he didn’t and we kept at in that position for awhile. It felt so damn good and we were both working up a sweat. I could smell his sweat and my pussy. He leaned in an kissed me and then slowed down for a second, almost coming to a stop inside me. “I know your name’s Kate. I don’t know your real last name. But…” He couldn’t look me in the eye. “You cool if I call you Mrs. Barrow?”

“, sure.” It hit me then that whoever Mrs. Barrow was, he had a thing for her. Probably a teacher or something. “You want me to call you something?”

“Anthony.” He started fucking me again, but his rhythm was totally different. The fact that he was using me to fantasize about someone else was suddenly a huge turn on and I felt myself change the way I was fucking too.

I pulled him down on top of me, clutched his back and said, “Fuck me, Anthony. I want it so bad.”

He didn’t last long after that. When he came he buried his face in my neck and said, “Damn, Mrs. Barrow. I’ve been wantin’ that for a long time” I held him there for a minute, then he slipped out of me.

I carefully pulled the condom off of him and he got dressed and left.

There was one other day I was supposed to go to Clarence’s and clean. Lil T showed up again around the same time. I didn’t ask him who Mrs. Barrow was, but I took a chance and had dressed up a little more before he came over. I didn’t go for straight up school teacher, but I put on something that would have been passable for one.

When he showed up and knocked, I smiled and answered the door, “Hello, Anthony.”

He smiled a huge smile and said, “Hi, Mrs. Barrow.” He came in and we shared a couple of beers and I let him play out his fantasy all over again. This time I actually came on him twice, which he loved.

When Clarence got back, I told him, “That went all went really well. I know shit with Wes was crazy and we need to keep our distance from that, but Lil T is one of the good ones.” Clarence nodded and smiled like he already knew and I gave him a big hug and kiss.

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