Not every interracial sex kink is for you. Not every kink is for anyone. I’ll admit that I am in no way perfect or into every kink out there, but I certainly do not let that affect how I live and love and I do not cast judgment. The way someone chooses to live has nothing to do with me. The way you choose to live your life is your decision and yours alone.

The ways you choose to satisfy your kinks are yours and yours alone. I have been seeing a lot of judgment being thrown around here recently. Not even just here, in kink groups on different platforms. It’s sickening to me that the people who ask not to be judged are the ones judging more than anything. If John and Jane want to add Janice, great!

Let them, but fuck you for judging them like they are doing something so wrong for wanting something out of the norm. Fuck you for labeling that couple as an outcast because they want something that you don’t. Fuck you in general with something hard and sand-papered. Single people, do you. Couples, do you.

Everyone else, do you and fuck the hypocrites