The instantaneous shock, gasp, moan…. My body protests and resists for a second or two, but then the ache in my pussy takes over… Tada…. brain is a pile of mush.
Once your hands are wrapped in my hair, you pull my head back firmly, claim my neck, throat, and growl lovely words in my ear, that’s the moment I become yours.

Oh… and how you bite that one spot on my neck… you know the one, my moans escalate to squeaks, cries, and sometimes tears of joy. Then when my knees weaken, use my hair to guide me to where we both love me to be. My lips, mouth, all hungry and ache to devour you, to take you and deprive myself of the precious air you now control. My mind quiets and focuses on nothing else but pleasuring you. Completely desire and pleasure with your hands in my hair, my throat, back off my neck.

Sometimes guiding my motion to set the rhythm and sometimes sitting back to watch and enjoy my work, my dance and choreography of my tongue. Loving how you make me gag, make me desperate to breathe, make me crave your cum, to ingest my prize for a job well done, ultimately pleasing you. So please please pull my hair, whenever you desire