Anna and I had been together for 2 years before this night. I won’t say that we were closed-minded sexually, we had sex all the time, but there were several things she wouldn’t do. She wouldn’t let me film us having sex, she rarely gave me a blowjob, and anal sex? Not a chance. She was disgusted by the very idea of it.

“Not a chance” she would say. “I hear it hurts for days after, and it hurts when you walk”

Needless to say, this didn’t stop me from trying.

When I would be taking her from behind, I would act like my thumb slipped, start rubbing around, even fingering it occasionally. The thing is… She liked it. She would arch her back and try to get more of me into her. And it wasn’t like she didn’t notice, afterwords she would confront me about it, and I would just act like I didn’t notice.

Well, on this fateful night, I was committed. Things had started to go downhill in our relationship, and sex was pretty much all that we had left.

Let me describe Anna to you. She was very beautiful. Wavy raven hair, piercing blue eyes, and a kind smile. She was around 5’4, and very athletic. Though her boobs were fairly small, her ass was amazing.

It was one of those asses that looked good all the time. Round enough to look good in pants, but tight enough to look good naked. Regardless of what position we started from, I never finished unless I was banging her from behind.

I had started to suspect that she was seeing somebody else. Even when we were alone, she was always texting somebody but she would never say who. I found weird marks that she promised weren’t hickies on places like her neck and under her boob, and she was coming over less and less often.

She would often come over, we’d have dinner, we’d fuck, and she would make up an excuse like, “Oh shit, I have a meeting in the morning” or “My friend needs help, her boyfriend just broke up with her”.

But again, tonight was different. For a bad reason. She came over, things started getting hot and heavy and… She ran to the bathroom. She came back flustered and upset.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just started my period”

While a little frustrated, this didn’t interfere with my mission.

“That’s fine baby, how about I give you one of my famous back rubs”

She smiled. She loved my backrubs. And this gave me a perfect opportunity.

We were still mostly naked. I was completely naked, and she was topless and only wearing panties.

She lay on her stomach on my bed and I straddled her. I licked her spine from the small of her back to her neck and began to lightly trace my fingers up and down. Her eyes closed as she gave into the feeling. Meanwhile, I began to grow hard and started slowly slipping her panties down her shapely ass.

I roughly pushed into the muscles below her shoulder-blades and she arched her back. I started passionately rubbing and grinding and thrusting my crotch against her backside.

She saw this as harmless dry-humping and smiled. She even pushed back.

By this point, I had her panties nearly all the way off of her shapely ass. I had to be careful, because I knew that if I took them off, she might… Well… Bleed everywhere.

She also might notice that she’s now naked… And that might lead to her getting dressed.

I knew that I had to act quickly, but I couldn’t force anything. If it stopped feeling good for one second, she might stop it and then they would have issues.

So I reached over for the special Durex massage get and lubricant and squirted a little on the small of her back, and began to position myself.

I rubbed it up and down her spine, lightly trailing with my fingertips. Then I took the initiative.

I made sure my hands were good and lubed and I took handfuls of both cheeks. I grabbed on and rubbed around playfully.

She giggled and I gave her a light slap. While she thought I was playing, I located her cute, virgin asshole and aligned my cock.

I moved back up and reached around. I started massaging her cute breasts and made my move.

I started pushing in and I felt the tip start to rub her unused hole. From articles I read on the internet, I knew that I had to loosen it up before it could handle long thick black cock.

Then it happened. She moaned and pushed her ass up… Exactly as I was thrusting. I felt the skin roll over the tip of my dick the lube helped it glide in.

I found myself, 4 inches into her ass, lube drenched hands gripping her waist, unsure of what to do.

A few seconds passed before she spoke up.

“Um… What are y-”

But I had dealt with enough. This girl had lead me on, lied to me, manipulated me, and she was fucking somebody else. If this was going to be our last time together, it was gonna be all about me.

I gently slid the rest of myself into her.

She gasped.

I gripped harder onto her and slowly started rocking my hips into her.

Her facial expression changed from angry, to confused, to one I had seen a few times when I had really been on my game. Complete ecstasy.

I started pumping it faster into her, mesmerized by her perfect bum shaking, glistening from the lube. I was shocked to notice she was now tenderly massaging the bottom of her clit. Her “special spot” and loudly moaning.

“You like that huh?” I dared. She didn’t respond, so I gave her a hard thrust. “I SAID, you fucking like that, don’t you?”

“Fuck! Yes” she screamed. Ass jiggling, moaning, taking 8 inches in the ass like the slut that she was. She was loving it.

Thankfully for me, she never noticed the camera I set up on my dresser. Fucked up? Yes. Cliche? Definitely. But this relationship was over, and if she was gonna go behind my back and fuck someone else, I was gonna show everybody that… Well… She took it in the ass like a pro.

Caught up in the moment, I realized that the moment was cummi-… Coming.

I felt my hips start to shiver, my spine tingled, and my balls began to swell. I pulled out quickly, causing her to gasp in pain. Then, while she was shocked, I flipped her around and jerked it off directly in her face.

My beautiful slut of a girlfriend, fresh off being reamed in the ass, covered in my jizz, glaring at me. It was beautiful. And thanks to my camera. I had it forever.

Obviously she was pissed. And embarrassed. She ran out of the house, naked, gaping, and covered in cum. And wouldn’t talk to me for hours.

She eventually called me, with intentions of yelling at me. She was shocked when instead, I yelled at her. For treating me like shit. For using me. For lying to me. For fucking somebody else.

We broke up. Big surprise. I posted the video online… Last time I checked it had 3,000 views.

I’ve moved on, I’m in a great relationship with a girl who loves me. (She takes it in the ass voluntarily)

As for Anna? Last I heard, she was working at the DMV, living with her parents, and trying to evade the nickname of “Anal Anna”.

So next time the hot girl at the DMV is a bitch? Tell her she’s being a pain in the ass.