I had always had a fantasy of fucking my wife’s ass, but as she had always been against it, so rather than force the issue and cause a problem in our marriage I just let the issue go. That is until one night when fate stepped in and I accidentally forced the issue and got her to realize how much she would enjoy anal sex.

To give you a little background, my wife Sandy is 5’6″ with shoulder length red hair, 36C breasts and a very perfect ass which she works very hard at maintaining. My name is Jack and I’m about 6’1″ a somewhat muscular build and a 7″ cock that fits very nicely buried deep inside my wife’s tight pussy, which somehow is still the same even after popping out a few kids. Sandy is not completely a prude, just one would say she is slightly more conservative than most, in that she really enjoys either missionary or her on top, with the occasionally doggy style when I really push for it or she has had a few too many on a date night. One thing she does always love is a good backrub, and seeing how that usually turns into sex, I am more than happy to oblige. It was that tight pussy and the back rub that lead to a very enjoyable oops for both of us.

With the kids out of the house one evening Sandy and I decided to have an in-home date night. A nice home cooked dinner, a few bottles of wine and then off to have some fun together. After wrapping up another bottle of wine, we called it a night and crawled into bed while pulling off each other’s clothes. As I start running my hands down my wife’s body slowly kissing my way down to her breasts and playing with her nipples before I continued making my way farther down and grabbing her ass and pulling her pussy close to me.

“Mhmmm” she sighs as my hands rub her ass and I start to tongue her clit. I feel her start to grind against me “that feels so good, but you know what would feel better?” She asks.

“What?” I answer knowing full well what she wants.

“If you rub my back” she purrs.

“I think I can handle that” I say smiling.

I extricate myself from between her legs, as she rolls over onto her stomach. I reach over and grab the baby oil she keeps on her nightstand for just this occasion. Straddling her ass I pour a decent amount into my hands. I start rubbing her shoulders and back moving slowly from the top and working my way down to her lower back. My already hard cock settled perfectly between her ass cheeks I reach over and grab the oil and pour a bit more onto her lower back. The cold oil causing her to jump up startled and I feel the cool oil run into the crack of her ass and under my cock.

“AHHHH, that’s COLD!!” she says. “you suck!” she teases.

“Don’t worry, I’ll warm it up for you.” As I put my hands back down on her lower back and go back to massaging first her lower back and then I move my hands down to her ass. She moans in enjoyment again and starts to slowly grind against me getting my now very oiled cock, even harder. I lean forward and slowly move my hands up her back, doing so I start to slowly saw my cock between her ass cheeks in time to her grinding. Sensing she might be up for taking it from behind, pull backwards slightly and time angle my cock so that her grinding causes my dick to rub against her pussy and ass.

Sandy starts to pick up the pace on her grinding and pushing back against me trying to get my cock to slide inside her. I attempt to match her grinding with a thrust of my own aiming to drive my cock deep into her in one fell thrust. As I thrust forward Sandy grinds back against me a bit too hard and I feel myself slide deep inside her what I thought was her pussy, that is until I registered my wife’s muffled cry from the pillow.

“AHHH OH MY GOD!!, You’re in MY ASS, OH God that hurt!”

“Oh Shit, babe!!” I start to pull out of her, trying not to make this worse.

“OW FUCK NO STOP IT HURTS too much” she yells into the pillow. “Jack, just hold on don’t move”.

“OK, I’m staying put” as I get my hands on her hips to brace myself “Now what?” I ask.

“Well maybe if you and I move backwards together, then I can slowly pull forward and hopefully it won’t hurt as bad that way,” she says after a moment.

“Worth a try” I say but realizing just how very enjoyable it was being buried in my wife’s ass.

Carefully with my cock still balls deep in her ass I grab my wife’s hips and pull her against me as I lean backwards onto my knees pulling her with me and her onto her hands and knees.

“Ok let’s do this” she says and slowly starts to pull forward a bit. “Ehhh” she groans “It hurts almost as much pulling it out as it does getting it in” and she leans backwards a bit burying what little bit of my cock she got out of her ass back in.

“What now?” I say squeezing my wife’s and rubbing her back.

“I guess you’re just stuck back there” She teases.

“Hey,” I say as I slap her ass “Not a bad view”.

Sandy giggles and slightly wiggles her ass to tease me a bit and sighs “mmm, that didn’t hurt that bad… Let me try something”.

Sandy first wiggles her ass a big against me and then starts to grind her hips against me in slow circles at first. Slowly at first, she continues moving her ass in tight circles and begins to slide ever so slightly forward. She is still grunting in a bit of pain or so I thought, I on the other hand am slowly having an entirely different reaction as my wife’s asshole begins to slide up and around the shaft of my cock gripping me tighter as if not wanting to let me go.

“I think it’s working” She says breathily, and I notice she is grinding her ass more and pulling forward a lot less. I start to rub her hips and ass, and then unconsciously begin to thrust into her ass as she continues to pull away from me. I can barely hold on as my on orgasm starts mounting.

“MMMM that’s good yea… don’t stop” she starts to moan and I’m not totally sure if it’s my hands or my cock that she is talking about, but Sandy continues to gyrate her ass against me and with a lot more speed. I can feel her tight asshole start to slide up and down my shaft just barely at first and then more and more and I realize that it’s not just my thrusting but Sandy is starting to push back as well. Holy shit I think, my wife is fucking her asshole on my cock.

“MMM” she moans harder as she rests her head on the pillow and starts to push back and forth harder on my cock “Oh wow this is starting to feel amazing, grab my ass baby and fuck me”

Not having to be asked twice I grab on to my wife’s ass and pull her hard against me, burying my cock all the way back deep into her ass. “OH GOD YES” she moans “oh fuck my ass!!” I start to pound my cock in and out of her now very lubricated but still incredibly tight asshole, I feel my balls slap against her soaking wet pussy and start to tighten as I try to hold off cumming for a bit longer so I can enjoy Sandy’s asshole squeezing my cock.

“Oh yes fuck my ass baby, God this feels so good” I continue to plow in and out her ass as Sandy sits back up onto her knees and with one hand pulling me head towards her neck she slides her other hand down between her legs and start to play with her soaking wet pussy. I take my hands off her hips and slide them up to play with her tits, pulling on the nipples slightly while kissing her neck.

“Oh Jack, cum for me, cum in my ass” she moans and that is all it takes, I take my hands from her tits and pulling her hips towards me as I slam my cock as far as I can get it up her ass I feel myself spurt deep inside her bowels for what may be my largest cum shot ever.

“OH YESSSSS… CUM IN MY ASS… OH GOD I’M CUMMING” she screams as she feels me release insider her, as her asshole clamps down on the base of my cock I pull her hips back into me forcing every possible inch of my cock deep into her bowels as we both cum harder than we’ve ever cum before. We slump forward onto the bed and I can feel Sandy continue to clench my cock as she keeps cumming.

Finally, after pumping what seems like a gallon of jizz into her ass, I’m able to muster the strength to pull my slightly deflated cock out of her ass and roll off of her. I look over and see my wife in a post orgasm panting heap on her side of the bed her fingers still buried in her pussy and her other hand slowly squeezing her tit. She slowly rolls over and curls up next to me wrapping her leg over me and pressing her tits against me, breathing heavily and running her fingers over my chest.

“Wow” she says “I never imagined how good that would feel, I don’t think I’ve never cum like that before… I’m still shaking.”

“That was amazing” I gasp kissing her forehead and rubbing her arms. “I can barely move.”

“Well I hope that’s not totally true” Sandy purrs as she kisses my chest and her hand starts to move down my stomach. “My pussy is absolutely drenched right now, and I need you inside me” she says coyly as she starts to stroke life back into my cock.

As my cock starts to harden, I feel my wife shift her weight to climb on top of me. Still gripping my cock she begins to slide her soaking wet pussy against my shaft.