So I think it has already been established that throughout my sexual and romantic journey that I have met a shit ton of asshats, fuck ups, fucktards, scrubs, and crazies(I do not mean this in a good way before anyone gets their panties in a bunch). And honestly I am over it. Like why the hell can’t I just attract a normal person who just happens to be kinky?? Well enough of that shit and let me get back on topic. Anyways out of all of the deranged, sociopathic assholes I met I do have one type that I both love and oh so fucking hate. He is what I call “The Casanova”.

Now ladies and gentlemen the Casanova is a different breed from the rest. The others you could tell were crazy, but, somehow someway he could hide his aura from you with his smooth words and beautiful cologne. He had a way of making you feel great. He dressed great, was loaded, and seemed like a total Gatsby. Welllll guess what?? Fuck that. Because underneath all of that charisma and sophistication was a sadistic monster waiting to be unleashed who could care less about the amount of casualties he had, so long as he got what he wanted. He was the ultimate sin- sexy, well off, and a sadistic narcissistic psychopath who always got what he wanted and never settled for less.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate his piece of shit ass a lot. But something about him also intrigues me, makes me want to go playing in the forbidden forest and explore his spell one more time. Even though I know better. Welp fuck him and his spell and fuck me for first being entranced by it.