so. my dark ┬ácock was up this MILF Carrie’s ass most of the night. she swallowed a lot of cum. and left sore in a skirt. with no panties. well and the panties she left. barely qualify as panties. small. thin. 2 strings. my day goes on. I paint. shower. paint some more. go to the grocery. drink coffee.

I am putting things away etc. from my Friday and Saturday. messages from Carrie telling me how good my cock felt in her ass and how much she liked my thick cock and what not. then as I am going in and out. my phone buzzes. hey!

what are you doing? I say well just drinking coffee doing things around my apartment. this girl Holly I played with a few weeks ago. fun. big tits. great ass. hair colored in different colors. red. blonde. orange. she is sexy. and very dirty. she tells me. I am at the gym-just finished. horny as hell and my husband is with a friend I have a few hours to kill. I said oh? she says yes. I am horny and want that cock of yours again. she is an expert cock sucker. loves to ride me and swallow. she tells me -I am going to shower at the gym-shave my legs and pussy and I will be over. ok I tell her sounds great. about 25 minutes goes by. phone buzzes again-I check it.

Holly says-on my way. great tell her I will see you soon. she says I am all shaved and I want you bad. same I text back. I am putting things away-when a message appears-about 3 minutes. I run out for a smoke as she pulls up. she smiles and kisses me. I walk her to my door. we talk-gossip-kiss. hands in her pants. we go to my bed. she is rubbing my cock through my jeans. I undress her. her panties are so wet..she is literally dripping. I pull my cock out. she starts sucking. she gives head better than any woman I have been with. she is sucking and letting me mouthfuck her.

deep throating me. I finish undressing her and put her on my cock. she starts grinding on my cock. she says-I needed your hot cock so bad-you fuck me so good. she checks her phone while grinding. its heaven. she is so warm. wet. tight. she cums from this. I start bouncing her. she cums again. I am fucking the shit out of this hot married woman. another orgasm. this time she stops to let it go through her body. she told me she had enough time but not a lot. she checks her phone after riding out her orgasm. whew.

I am sweating from this hot wife bouncing on my cock. she is riding me so good. so amazing. she tells me-I want to taste your cum. love when I am driving home and I taste your cum and mine. this is hot. my cock is covered as she is bouncing I see her cum all over my cock. I look at her-she is ecstasy. I ask her-you ready to swallow? oh yes she says. can I now? yes I said suck me good. she climbs off. moves down between my legs. starts sucking. she looks at me-I love the way I taste on your cock. she is pumping and sucking at the same time. she stops and is jacking me off. look at your hot cock she says and I am ready for you to fill my mouth with your cum. she wraps her lips around my shaft and pumps. looking at me. it erupts. she moans.

I could tell I am filling her mouth. she is struggling. but manages my fill load. she says-girls who spill do not know how to suck cock. she keeps stroking and gets the last bit out. she checks her phone. perfect timing she says. she goes to get dressed. her panties are soaked. I offer to put them in the dryer-it helps. she kisses me-tells me she will see me this week as she runs out the door. I grab a smoke and laugh. I have no idea how or why women like me. but it is crazy and fun.