My name is Sandy and I’m a 38 year old teacher. I’m tall, slim with medium sized breasts and I am in pretty good shape for a mom of 3 kids. My husband and I have been married almost 15 years now and we still get along well. We both had slept with 2 other people before we began dating and our sex life is pretty good, but not like we were when we first met of course. I haven’t given a blowjob in years and it’s been before kids since we’ve done anal. My husband recently has started incorporating sex toys in our lovemaking and I quite enjoy them although he has bought some real big vibrators. I also work in the phys ed department at a small rural high school and this is where the story begins.

This weekend was our annual teacher conference in the capital city which is 2 hours away. We don’t have to attend every year but I often do just to get away and meet up with some old colleagues and university friends. I headed in right after school and arrived around 5:30 to check in at the hotel. The conference was 2 days and most people stayed 2 nights as Saturday was the so called fun night where the teachers let loose and have some drinks. Tonight was all about speakers and then some drinks after. I met up with a few old friends and sat together during the boring sessions. By 10 pm everything was done and I headed up to my room as the conference started up at 8:30 am.

The day went by smoothly and at 5 pm it was over. Some chose to leave but at least half stayed for the supper and drinks that started at 6:30. I headed back to my room to change into a black dress which was form fitting but by no means daring. I met up with some old girlfriends from college and couple of their colleagues and the six of us sat at a table for 8. Not long after 2 taller black men stopped by our table and asked to join us. They appeared to be in their late 20’s. We all introduced ourselves to Tim and Steve. They were quite nice and we all had a good time and the drinks were flowing steadily but not outrageously.

Around 10:30 things were winding down and the 8 of us headed to the elevators and up to our respective rooms for the night. Along the ride up my friends were getting off on their floors until it was just Steve, Tim and I. When we got to the 8th floor, where both of them had a room, they asked if I wanted to join them for a nightcap. Since it was still fairly early and although against my better judgement I said sure and got off and walked with them to Tim’s room.

Once inside I sat on the bed while Tim poured us all a rye and coke. We talked for awhile about our jobs and some of the pain in the ass students we had. I learned they both taught in the city but at different schools. I told them about my husband and kids. I had finished my drink and now had a real good buzz on and Tim poured me another.

They had turned on the TV to Sportscentre and we talked a bit during the highlights. Once again Tim poured another round of drinks and the three of us continued talking and I learned that they were both single as I didn’t see a wedding ring on either of them. Tim then asked “What would your husband think of you drinking in our room alone?”

I had to chuckle inside and out and responded with “He probably wouldn’t mind as I think he has a BBC fetish.” as soon as I said it I was red with embarrassment. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry I said that. That was so racist.”

Both Tim and Steve laughed and said not to worry. They weren’t offended by my comment.

Tim said “Its not racist if its true!” We all laughed and then Tim poured another whiskey for all of us.

The guys then asked why I think my husband has a fetish. The alcohol had really affected my judgement as I was starting to speak before I think. I began to tell them about the big vibrators he had purchased for me and how it took some practice to be able to fit them inside my pussy.

After my explanation the room was a bit quiet and awkward but Tim broke the ice with “Would you like to find out if the BBC rumour mill is true?”

I nearly spit out my drink when he said it but asked “Are you serious?”

“Sure, why not? This way you can see if the vibe is even close to realistic or not!” said Tim.

I wish I had waited to respond but I blurted out “Turn on the stripper music and whip them out boys!”

Tim and Steve both looked at each other and stood up in front of me about 3 feet away. When Steve began to unbuckle his belt and Tim his zipper I knew I should have told them to stop and left the room but my curiosity got the best of me. Soon they were both down to their boxer briefs and I couldn’t help but notice a bulge on both of them.

I had expected them to reach inside their briefs and pull their penises up and out but instead they pulled their briefs completely down to their ankles and stepped out of them as they stood there in just their socks and shirts. I was shocked and my mouth was wide open as I stared at their semi erect penises. They were both huge, and way bigger than any penis I had ever seen. I continued to open mouth stare at them but I finally spoke.

“Holy shit guys, you are huge. I can’t believe it.” Both of them were rapidly growing in size and Steve grabbed his and stroked it with his hand. The sight in front of me was almost mesmerizing as I couldn’t look away. Tim was the bigger of the 2 as his was very thick and long. Steve was close to the same length as Tim but not near as thick although he was about twice as thick as my husband

Once again I did something I wish I had thought through first, “Can I touch them?”

In unison they both said yes and I reached out with my hands as they both stepped forward to the edge of the bed where I was sitting. I grabbed Steve first and wrapped my hand as far around as I could and then reached out for Tim and did the same. The feeling of holding both cocks at the same time had me on cloud nine. I began to slowly stroke both of them until they were both now fully erect in my hands. I was still in disbelief in regards to their size but I had proof in each hand. What I did next was out of pure lust and instinct as I leaned forward and licked Tim’s huge mushroom head. I began to lick the entire length of his shaft as I continued stroking Steve. I then switched to Steve and he was a bit easier to suck as I could get a fair bit more in my mouth than Tim’s monster.

I felt Tim pull away from my hand and I then used it to jerk and suck Steve with both my hands and mouth. Tim sat beside me on the bed and when he placed his hand on my thigh I jumped slightly but let him continue to caress my leg. Tim continued to creep his hand up my inner thigh and when he was close to my crotch I spread my legs and he put his hand over my panty covered pussy. He rubbed my crotch and then pulled my thong to the side and began to finger me. I moaned when he did this and stopped sucking Steve so I could enjoy my own pleasure for a second.

I then spoke and asked “Seriously, how big are you?” as I continued to suck Steve as Tim fingered me.

Steve said “I’m just over 9 inches.”

I didn’t let Tim answer as I cut him off by saying “You must be 10?” All Tim did was smile and nod.

I couldn’t believe I was being such a slut but these cocks had control over my judgement. Tim quit fingering me and partially slid off the bed and then he reached up under my dress and hooked his fingers in my thong. I sat up slightly as he pulled my panties down and off my body, then I sat on the very edge of the bed with my legs spread. I shave my pussy but leave a small landing strip above my clit and now with my dress hiked up it would’ve been obvious for Tim to see. He began fingering me again as I continued giving Steve a blowjob. This must have went on for at least 5 minutes when I felt my dress being pulled up, I reached around my back to pull down the zipper as there seemed to be no morals left inside as I was willing to let them continue as they desired. I was now seated on the bed in just my black bra, but not for long as Tim reached behind me and undid my clasp and I was now completely naked in front of these two young men. At some point Tim also pulled his shirt off to reveal a very nice toned body.

Steve was starting to moan from my work and then he pulled out of my mouth and in one swift motion he picked me up and placed me on the head of the bed where I arranged the pillows and spread my legs for them to see. Tim climbed on the bed, straddled my chest and I began sucking his monster as best I could. I then lifted his cock up and began sucking on his balls which I now noticed were also huge.

I felt movement on the bed and soon I felt a tongue on my pussy. As soon as Steve started licking I let out a huge moan. It was a wonderful feeling sucking a cock while having someone lick your pussy at the same time. With all that had transpired so far I was very worked up and in less than a minute I was cumming on Steve’s face as I clamped my legs around his head and moaned hard. In all the years I had been with my husband I had never had an orgasm as good as this as I never scream out loud in pleasure.

Once I had calmed down from my orgasm I began working on Tim’s big tool. Steve was still licking for about a minute but then stopped, which I was disappointed to feel, but not long after I felt fingers back inside me but then to my dismay he pulled them out too. What I felt next was no finger or tongue, Steve was now pushing the tip of his cock inside me. I had to stop licking Tim but continued to stroke him as I accepted Steve’s big black cock. Once he had what felt like a few inches inside me he pulled back and then forward an inch more. Steve knew I needed to warm up to his size and he was quite gentle in doing so. It wasn’t long and I could feel him entering into a part of my pussy that my husband had never been. Although I’ve had a vibe inside me as far as I could take it, having a warm cock this deep was amazing.

Steve continued to thrust back and forth slowly until I could feel his ball sac touching my ass. Now that he had fully penetrated me I went back to work on Tim and with the sensations Steve was producing in my pussy I was fired up to make Tim cum. I began stroking and twisting with both hands, one near the base and one near the head while I used my mouth on the tip of cock. All three of us were in a good rhythm as Steve pounded into me and I stroked Tim for the next few minutes. In my head I was imagining the sight of Steve’s black penis sliding into my married vagina as I could not see with Tim on top of me.

That thought raced around my head and then I finally blurted out “Aww gawd, how does your black dick look inside me?”

Steve only answered with “Good!” but for some reason he stopped and got off the bed. I didn’t pay much attention as I had Tim to keep busy but soon he was back inside me at a slower pace. Next thing I knew a phone, my phone was being handed to me. I grabbed it with one hand and with a confused look I looked up. It was on the video mode and I hit play. Steve had taken a short video of him fucking me. My pussy looked stretched and my vaginal lips were engorged. It looked amazing and sexy as hell. Tim then began to moan heavily and I knew he was close to cumming so I increased the pace of my stroking a few seconds later he grunted and said “I’m gonna cum, where do you want it?”

With Tim straddling my chest and Steve still fucking me behind him there wasn’t much time to decide. I grabbed one of my breasts and gave it a squeeze in hopes he would get the hint that I wanted him to cum on my chest. He dismounted and kneeled beside me and aimed his cock at my tits. I propped myself up on my arms and waited for the cum. Tim was wanking feverishly and soon the spurts were flying onto my tits. I was impressed with the volume of semen as my upper body and some of the bed was coated in it. Tim collapsed beside me on the bed as I massaged my breasts with his juice and I finally got my first live look of Steve fucking me.

We had been at it for what seemed like at least 15-20 minutes and I was expecting him to cum soon like his friend. Steve then asked if we could change positions as he pulled out and sat back. I rolled over onto all fours and near the edge of the bed. Steve got down, stood behind me and immediately he was fucking me doggy style. He hammered into me and his balls were now slapping up against my skin. God it felt amazing and my body was reacting to it as I felt another orgasm beginning. I reached down with one hand and found my clit and began to rub it in circles.

With my hand on my clit plus Steve’s amazing cock it was enough to set me off as I began to moan and scream. My orgasm seemed to last for a minute as Steve never stopped or slowed down at all and when I finally recovered I felt a strong urge inside me as a second orgasm started to build. Not once in my life had I experienced 2 in one night but I was on the verge of having 2 back to back. The second one was euphoric as I hadn’t expected it so soon and I dove my face into the bed sheets and screamed in an attempt to muffle the sounds.

Steve was like a porn star as he continued to fuck me with no signs of an impending orgasm from him. Tim was now crawling towards me on the bed and scooted under me so that I was lined up with his now semi hard cock. I couldn’t say no and began sucking and jerking him again. Once he was completely erect he asked shyly “Could I have a turn fucking you?” Steve heard him and pulled out and got off the bed.

I crawled up and straddled his torso, grabbed his monster and aimed it at my entrance. I was glad I was on top so I could control how much I would take and it wasn’t much as this was gonna be a challenge. I eased in the head and it reminded me of the big vibe I had at home only Tim was bigger in girth. Steve had obviously loosened me up and I was soaked from all my orgasms as I managed to get a few inches inside me. I continued to lower myself until I had about 6-7 inches inside me. I then climbed up onto my feet and began to slowly ride Tim but was careful not to go too far down. Just as Steve felt huge compared to my husband, Tim felt huge compared to Steve. It was a truly amazing feeling to ride his cock. I took more of him with every stroke and soon I looked between my legs to see almost his entire length disappear inside me. I loved the picture I was seeing.

I’ve always been a competitive person and seeing that last inch of Tim’s cock spurred on the athlete inside me. “I want it all inside me…oh my god it has to fit!” I exclaimed.

I began riding Tim hard and fast then I decided to let my body fall completely onto him. The mushroom bottomed out inside me as I felt some slight discomfort but it soon turned to pleasure.

My legs were getting tired so I put them down on and rode him with my knees on the bed as I rocked back and forth while my breasts hung in his face. Tim grabbed them and began sucking my very erect nipples. It was wonderful and I had honestly forgot about Steve as this was happening until I felt the bed shift and then his hands on my ass.

He was massaging my bum checks and then I felt him pour some liquid on the small of my back. It actually was quite relaxing getting massaged at the same time as I rode Tim. Steve was caressing my back and ass very sensually and then I felt him pour quite a bit of oil or lube on my back. He spread the lube all over my ass including my ass crack and then he placed his cock in between my cheeks and thrust back and forth like a hotdog in a bun all while still caressing me.

This went on for a while and I thought maybe Steve was using my cheeks as a way to get off and finally cum as he had yet to blow his load. He obviously had other plans because he poured even more liquid on my rear and then I felt pressure on my asshole which was obviously the head of his cock. I had done anal before but never with such a big cock and never while someone was fucking my pussy. I had to say something and get them to stop but all I could muster was.

“Take it slow Steve, I’ve never had 2 at once!”

He did take it slow and so did I as I had stopped riding Tim so Steve could push into me from behind. Just like earlier he pushed inch by inch inside me and then back out an inch. Each time he coated his cock with more lube which helped immensely. It felt like I was being torn in two with these giant penises inside me but that pain was soon pleasure and excitement when Steve announced

“I’m in, are you ready?”

I just nodded my head and now Tim was pushing up from below me while Steve eased in and out of my ass. It’s hard to believe but I was truly being fucked senseless by these two men. They were slow but deliberate in their thrusts as they eventually found a matching rhythm to fuck my holes.

Once again, I felt a somewhat familiar sensation starting to build inside my vagina. I started to orgasm again but this time the pleasure was so much more intense. I then began to moan and whimper as the pressure increased until I had to pull off of Tim’s cock and Steve pulled out too. For the first time in my life I began to gush liquid from my pussy. I had heard about squirting but had never experienced it and from Tim’s facial expression neither had he. It was now the most pleasurable orgasm of my life for sure.

After I had finished I pushed Tim back inside me so they could continue to fuck me. Steve began to increase his pace and was finally groaning hard and I felt a warm feeling inside my bowels as he began to cum inside me. I felt his dick shrink, he then pulled out of me and climbed off the bed.

I was almost completely exhausted but I wanted Tim to finish. He must’ve had the same thought as he suggested we switch spots. I now was lying on the bed as Tim was doing me missionary style and since I was now fully accustomed to his size he began pounding me hard. This went on for a few minutes as my cum covered tits wildly bounced to the motion of our fucking. Tim was soon grunting and moaning and I began to entice him by saying.

“Cum inside me!” and I wrapped my legs around him. He came soon enough and filled my vagina to the brim with another healthy load and eventually slumped onto the bed beside me panting like a dog.

Steve sat in a chair with his flaccid penis dangling between his legs while Tim slowly jerked his cock beside me. No one said anything until I said I needed some water and headed to the bathroom naked to get a glass. When I came back out I sat back down on the bed beside Tim and drank my water as we all had a dazed look on our faces. I eventually grabbed my dress and put it back on without my bra or thong as I couldn’t find either.

I said “Thanks for the experience, it was incredible but please don’t tell anyone. I’m married and a mother!”

They both assured me they wouldn’t tell a soul and I gave both Tim and Steve a kiss on the cheek and gave each one a quick squeeze of their cock before I left the room and headed to mine.

Once inside my room I tossed off my dress and jumped into to bed. The alarm clock showed 2am and I couldn’t help wonder how long we had fucked.

I woke up at 9am and I actually didn’t feel too hungover but then my mind began to race as I thought about what I had done. I had cheated on my wonderful husband with 2 strangers and let them use every hole. I had taken a load of semen in both my ass and pussy and also on my tits. I felt horrible but I also couldn’t stop thinking about the 4 orgasms I had which including me squirting for the first time in my life.

I hoped in the shower and stayed in there for at least 30 minutes, washing the cum off my body and out of my holes. When I reached back to clean my ass I couldn’t help but slide a finger inside. I then thought I needed my husband to try anal on me again when I returned.

I made my way down to the breakfast buffet and met my friends along the way. They had finished eating and were checking out. We said our goodbyes and I got a plate of food and sat alone to eat.

I hadn’t noticed Tim and Steve enter but when they both sat at my table I was a little startled. Both reassured me my secret was safe and that they really enjoyed our night together. I admitted

“So did I, I’d never done anything like that before!” I finished my food and told the guys I was leaving for home. Tim then reached down and grabbed a bag and handed it to me. Inside were my bra and thong.

When I arrived at home my husband and 3 children were playing monopoly.

That night after the kids were asleep he asked how it was and if I enjoyed myself. I said I did but told him I missed home and that I had a surprise for him.

I went to the bedroom and pulled out the vibe and rode it while I poured lube on my fingers and spread it around my ass. My husband was shocked I think but took the hint and stuck his cock in my anus and I rode the vibe. A minute passed and he came inside me and slumped down on the bed.

“What did I do to deserve that reward?” he asked.

I told him it was my way of saying thanks for watching the kids this weekend. Soon he was asleep and I was rubbing my clit to the thoughts of Steve and Tim. It then dawned on me that I had the video clip Steve made so I crept into the dark living room and watched it while I masturbated.

To my surprise Steve had made more than 1 video clip. He had made 3 in total, the first one I had already seen of him and I. The second one was of them taking me both at once and then of Tim fucking me until he came inside me. Neither had my face or theirs as it was just of our crotches and no talking was involved except when I told Tim to cum inside me. I wasn’t worried as it could’ve been anyone’s voice with how I grunted. I watched the clips over and over and eventually came.

To this day I feel guilty for cheating but it has changed my outlook on sex as I’ve been very much game for anything my husband suggests. It’s been 11 months since it happened and the email for the conference just showed up. I am completely torn as what to do as I’m worried I will run into the guys again and I’m not sure I can say no to them.