Sure, I could call you master.
I could call you sir.
I could address you as daddy.
I would call you anything you asked and follow your rules.
I’ll wear any clothes you ask.
Take the picture you request.
I’ll suck until were both dehydrated.
I’ll take a fucking, and the bruises that come with it.
I’ll come back for more, like your own personal bunny.
I’ll bow down.
I’ll be obedient.
I’ll answer any question with absolute honesty.
Do all that is asked.
But unless you can afford to help me in my life, I cant afford you the time.
I’m not going to lead you on, I come with a price.
Unless your willing to treat me for being a good girl…
I cant commit myself to someone who isnt financially mature, nor willing to gift me when I deserve it. When I earn it. Or just because.
I wont beat around the bush about it, that wouldn’t be fair.
I’m not a one time thing. I’m not sex for a price.
But I’m certainly not free either.
I’m commitment, emotion, and a goddess.
Im willing to try anything, what are you willing to put forth?